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oh a community!!

i am so glad i found this! hi everyone!! i'm a major fan of the film - it was utterly brilliant and deserves a lot more recognition than it has been getting. i originally went to see the film because i'm a lil bit of a fangirl for Charlie Hunnam - he's the member of the fishes with the blond dreads and geordie accent, and i would NEVER have seen the film had he not been in it. and i just enjoyed it from beginning to end.

are we up for discussions? can i start one?

ok lets discuss these guys, like today's politically motivated groups - some seen them as terrorists and some seen them as freedom fighters and there were probably a good few that sat on the fence with the issue too. how did you see them?

terrorists making a bad political and humanitarian situation worse?

freedom fighters trying to do the right thing but somewhere along the line they got corrupt and now they're out of control so you don't support them but in a way you kinda sympathise because with the majority of the members their hearts are in the right place and at least they're doing a lot more than the government are? (as you can probably tell - this is my stance LOL)

or w00t go fishes!!?

or something else?

so go on, discuss :D
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